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Have you considered a mentor for your business?

A business mentor, or advisor, can help you take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

They have the advantage of looking at it from the outside without being tied down by the day-to-day running of your business. A business advisor can help you see what is holding your business back and put you on the path to success.

Here are some common problem areas for businesses that a business advisor can help with…

#1. Dwindling profits

If your profits are inadequate, dwindling or stagnating, it may be time to get help. Your business advisor can look at your business structure and help with the big-picture ideas so you can get your financial house in order and make better strategic decisions in the future.

#2. Analytical reporting

– A cash-flow analysis will determine where your money came from and where it went.
– A 12-month cash flow projection and profit plan will assist in forecasting your businesses’ future and help you make important decisions.
– A net worth change report will identify your net worth over time. Are you in business to improve your net worth? If not, we suggest that you should be.

#3. Comparing your business to your peers

Your business advisor has access to key financial performance indicators of businesses within your industry. Your business will be compared to these so that you are aware of your progression toward business excellence.

#4. Identify Your Key Performance Indicators (also known as KPIs)

A KPI is a measurement of the performance of those activities within your business that you absolutely MUST get right. It is important to understand what your KPIs are and then have systems in place to measure them so that you stay on track.

As expert accountants and business advisors, the team at STS can provide clarity and guidance for your business. Just one conversation can help identify areas where growth can occur and set you on the path for success.

Get started with a mentor today, give us a call at Torquay (03) 5261 2262  or Winchelsea (03) 5267 2673 or email