Business Forecasting

At STS Accounting Group we use the program FUTULI to ensure our clients businesses have a strategic plan that is based on real numbers.  This enables you to make SMART decisions for your business and have confidence in your outcomes.

Our team will work with you or your business management team on financial modelling and projections.

We will create advanced financial models to account for various scenarios and potential internal and external risks facing your business.

We can then assist you to chart your performance against projections and continuously modify as your business evolves.
To take this further, we can then forecast incoming and outgoing cash on a regular basis, and extend the life of your cash with structured policies for your AP and AR functions.

These tools allow STS Accounting Group to properly manage your company’s debt and credit lines to balance operational and financial effectiveness, and giving you a clear reading of your cashflow position.

Looking ahead, and planning for the future, will give you peace of mind, enabling you to get one step ahead, and stay there. Who doesn’t want that for their business?

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