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About Adventure for Life

Established in 2009, Adventure for Life has become one of Australia’s leading corporate events companies.

Iain had worked in tourism for 10 years and after a falling out with his employer has decided to start his own business because he knew he could provide a better service. And that he did…

Offering team building programs that are customised to achieve specific corporate objectives consistent with a client’s group size, destination, group demographics, and budget., Adventure for Life programs now range from serious Search and Rescue Scenarios for small executive teams right through to mass participation events at conferences and family days and operate across Australia.

Iain has also diversified his business,  by having the exclusive Victorian and Tasmanian licensee for Wildgoose “Technology fuelled engagement” software. An app that allows his business to deliver a wide range of indoor team building programs and mass participation outdoor activities. The digital treasure hunts and city explorer activity can cater to groups in the thousands.

Adventure for Life also conducts a wide range of corporate adventure activities and has an unblemished safety record. Activities include soft adventures such as food & wine tours, two-hour kayaking, and mountain biking tours, right through to multi-day serious adventure programs.

Additionally, Iain also offers incentive programs, designed to thank your high performers in style. These range from half-day celebrations right through to multi-day travel incentives in exotic locations. Mystery Days have been a client favourite since the beginning. Guests are given a pickup destination and a “what-to-bring” list. Adventure for Life looks after the flights, catering, activities, transport, and thank you gifts.

Adventure for Life also provides venue finding and professional conference organising services, specialising in regional conferences and executive retreats.

“Our goal is to make every event safe, valuable, and memorable for guests. We also take pride in outstanding service, making event organising easy for our clients,” said Iain.


What has the pandemic taught you?

The past two years have been very challenging for Iain with lockdowns and COVID regulations causing a nearly 100% loss in revenue. During this time Iain knew he had to keep himself moving forward. “Just keep busy when things aren’t going your way”, he said. For Iain, this meant getting on the computer and focusing on developing a new app called Guidify, which helps the user find and connect with local riders, guides, and adventure experts all over the world. He also went back to landscaping to help a friend out who was struggling to find staff.


What attribute do you look for in a staff/team member?

Running a multifaceted business that is based on team building and adventure sports is very rewarding but also carries some risk. With all that Iain knows about teamwork and problem-solving, it’s enthusiasm which he considered the most important attribute when employing a new team member. “Guides must be great with guests,” he said. “An ability to multitask is also very beneficial, however, there are always some red flags when a staff member expects things to revolve around them. We are in the service sector, so someone not focused on that will struggle.”


Tell us about one of your favourite client experiences?

Iain’s favourite client takes his team away for a huge day out once a year. This typically involves flying interstate, a unique morning and afternoon activity, and a long lunch. Sounds fantastic. “We’ve had the group for 12 years now and his staff are incredibly loyal to the boss and vice versa.”


How does STS Accounting Group assist you and your business?

With so many adventure activities on the go, in multiple locations, life in a normal year is pretty fast-paced for Iain and Life Adventures, and he used to do all his own taxes! “Getting STS was one of the best things I have done. It frees up so much time for other business activities and leisure time,” said Iain.


How would you describe STS Accounting Group to a friend or family member?

“A highly competent time saver.”


And finally, what are you looking forward to in the coming year, for your business and personally?

Iain is looking forward to getting back to a more normal schedule but if that doesn’t happen he’s hoping to create another piece of tourism software.

I guess we will wait and see what the year brings, but we have every belief it will be a successful one of Adventure for Life.


We thank Iain for sharing his business insights. Keen to run an event for your team? No matter how large or small Iain can help you get the most out of your staff.

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