Goal Setting and Intentions 2024

Setting Goals and Intentions for 2024

Summer in Victoria after the Aussie Open has wound up and routines get going again  – is a great time to set our intentions and goals for the coming year ahead.

Reflection – Take the time to reflect on 2023. Reviewing the good, not so great and things you could have done better in the year just gone.

Set Goals – What is it that you want to change, to cut out or do less of, or to have more of in your life? Might be personal, physical, career focused, financial or even just for fun. Setting goals and writing them down, all the while asking yourself what is the motivator in the goal to help us stay motivated when things might get tough.

Make a Plan – Goals are less overwhelming when broken into smaller, easily achievable tasks. Having a plan and focusing on the smaller, more immediate steps will make your goal feel achievable.

Ask for help – Most of us accomplish more when held accountable by someone else. Advisors such as mentors, coaches, accountants, can be invaluable at this point as they might have seen and helped others through this process and can cater any advice and tips suitable for your own situation and goals.

Be Flexible – Life can be predictably unpredictable. There’s no sense in feeling discouraged if life throws you a curveball that messes with your plan. If circumstance makes one task or goal impossible, make adjustments and focus on what you can control.

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