Own a company? Have you applied for your Director ID?

As part of the Digital Transformation Plan, the government has introduced a requirement for all directors to apply for a Director Identification Number.

This will be a unique identifier that you need to apply for once and will keep forever. It will help address issues of fraud and remove the need for personal information to be displayed in public registers.

You must apply for a Director ID yourself because as part of the process you will be required to verify your identity.

All existing Company Directors must have completed the application by 30 November 2022 to avoid any penalties.

Please advise our office (Torquay or Winchelsea) when you have received your number and we can store it in our ASIC database or record that it has been issued.

Remember, this Director ID number will be like a Tax File Number (TFN) and will need to be kept safe as it could be used for identity theft purposes.

If you have any questions or you would like further information, please contact us.